Correspondence Courses

Please select a course. You will be assigned a teacher who will send you lessons with assignments that you will return by post or email for grading. As you pass each lesson, you will be sent the next one. When the course is completed you will receive a certificate from CDMI Education. Note courses must be taken in sequence (Basic, Ransom, then Advanced) unless prior approval has been obtained.

Inquiries concerning CDMI Correspondence Courses

Course Descriptions


1. The Basic Course

1. In the Beginning

2. How God Changed the Earth

3. Men of God

4. The Church of the First Days

5. Learning About God & Jesus Christ

6. The Kingdom of God

7. Answering God’s Call

8. Just What Is Hell?

2.The Ransom Course

1. Introductory – the Ransom for All

2. A Preview of God’s Plan

3. We have a Redeemer

4. The Ransom for All

5. The Ransom and the World

6. Blessings in the Kingdom

7. The Dead Shall Live

8. The Coming Judgment of God

3. The Advanced Course

1. How Well Do You Know God?

2. How Well Do You Know the Lord Jesus?

3. God’s Wonderful Plan of the Ages.

4. What Is the Millennium?

5. Do You Know the Steps to Salvation?

6. Ruler or Subject in the Kingdom?

7. Life After Death.

8. Do You Have an Immortal Soul?


9. The Resurrection of the Dead.

10. The Truth About Hell.

11. The Father and the Son.

12. The Holy Spirit.

13. Satan & the Origin of Evil Spirits

14. What Is the End of the World?

15. The Bride of Christ.

16. The Bible vs. The Evolution Theory.

Verse of The Day

James 1:5
January 23, 2018

If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you.

Verse of The Day

Discipling Daily to Maturity

Grace and Peace


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God's Possessive Ownership


"I am Yours; save me!”- Psalm 119:94.    OUR TEXT, a jewel of truth, ex¬presses the...

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Following Jesus


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Christ is ALL and ALL to Us


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An Intellectual Hobby


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Ignoring Your Conscience


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Why Is It More Blessed To Give Than To Receive?


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Were Not Ten Cleansed?


Were Not Ten Cleansed?

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Two Men Went to the Temple to Pray


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The Quiet And Gentle Spirit


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A Message to Fathers


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Making good use of your knowledge PT2


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Part VII – Looking Ahead


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