Welcome to our new website.

We are really glad you are here, and we pray that you will find something here that will be a rich blessing to you if you are seeking to become a stronger and more responsible free Christian than you feel you are today.

We’ve been around a long while as Christian Millennial Fellowship. But now we are changing our emphasis to more strongly disciple believers in the freedom of Christ, and thus the new name. And this of course includes evangelizing the ones who don’t yet know Christ.

So our emphasis will change to more active words and encouragements of evangelizing and discipling so as to encourage the new ones to come on into the wonderful relationship with God through Christ, but also then to grow them up and mature them in that relationship by being faithful, responsible and mature in all the ways in which God wants us to grow through Christ.

We look forward to seeing how we can help you to grow and mature in Christ, so that you might live before God as you really want to do, and be found pleasing to him.   This is the personal goal of everyone who works as a volunteer in this organization, and we want to share with you the things that have blessed us.  We expect you to also share with us, the things that have blessed you.


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